Welcome back to the final Summer Half Term.

Straight back into work with circle time about our holidays and holiday writing. You all sounded as if you had a great time relaxing and re energizing for this half term.

We started studying classic poetry this week with The Spider and The Fly. At first most of the class thought that the fly would never go into the spider's web, but as the poem went on, they realised that the spider was quite a charmer and that the fly was over come by the flattery. At this point, most of the class were convinced that she would go in - and they were correct.

Lots of children are already learning their poem to perform - well done. I've set a class challenge for all the class to learn a poem off by heart to recite to the class and not to enter into the competition. Keep on learning.

We started investigating plants this week especially looking at roots and why they are  important for the plant.

In Design and Technology, we are looking at different planters for plants, with a view to making their own. Please bring in straight yoghurt cartons to help with this.

We are currently practising for sports day on Mondays. Sports day is on Friday 26th June for Key Stage 2.

Congratulations to those childen who made their First Holy Communion at St. Joseph's this Sunday. You looked wonderful and you all sang Glorious beautifully.

This week's achievers were:

Merit: Laura

Conduct: Phoebe