We have had lots of success in sport this week!  During out swimming lesson lots of children swam 25 metres without stopping or touching the ground, for the first time!  Also Keira impressed Nicola, the swimming teacher, and is moving up to the next group next week.  Well done Keira!

On Thursday, we took part in the Fun Run for the 401 Challenge, which is an anti bullying charity.  We had lots of fun and some of us even managed to run 1.7 miles without stopping!

Also this week, we started out topic on The Plague and watched a 3d video clip showing us what London was like in the 1600's.

With Advent beginning on Sunday, we are starting to prepare for our Advent Worship and will be taking the 'Travelling Cribs' home from next week.

This week's achievers:

Conduct: Jack

Writing: Evangeline

Merit: Harry B

Well done!