Another fantastic week in Year 4. We have been looking at 2 digit numbers in Maths, instruction texts in English and continued our work with electricity in Science. 

We enjoyed a successful first week at swimming with all the children being grouped by Graham. He was very pleased with the standard of our swimmers and is looking forward to working with us this year.

In our Shakespeare session we met the witches for the first time and heard their predictions for Macbeth and Banquo. The children all portrayed hideous versions of the witches as they cackled and scoffed at the two Thanes. 

Congratulations to Evangeline and Lucas who were democratically elected class councillors. All the children had to put forward their manefesto for their leadership campaign and then discuss it with the class. Evangeline ran on a charity and green vote whereas Lucas promised more wet play and break time activities. I'm very pleased with the enthusiasm the class showed and also the eagerness the new councillors have demonstrated.

Award Winners this week-

Conduct: Evangeline 

Writing: Lucas 

Merit: Harrison