I will start with an apology - I am sorry that your houses are currently filled with the sound of out of tune brass instruments. However, with a lot of practice, at least three hours a night, they will be playing like Christian Lindberg or Louis Armstrong. 

Apart from your lovelies being lent instruments we have also been very busy. Swimming was fantastic this week, with Graham saying it may be the best class St. Peter's have sent. He said that if it continues we could be swimming lengths of the pool in our pyjamas by the end of the year! So keep up the practice. 

Shakespeare was exciting again this week with us meeting the witches and  acting out their premonition that Macbeth will be king. We had two bizzare types of witch; first the Halloween style, hunched over and cackling. The second was Alana's regal, straight backed, stiff lipped and almost manikin style. Both were surreal and very scary.

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and came to the meet the teacher night and for those who came to the start of school mass. Parental support is always welcomed and I will continue to encourage anyone who wants to be an active part of St Peters'. 

Congratulations to our award winners.