As the second week draws to an end we have achieved a lot within our classroom.

We have persevered with challenges around adding, subtracting and finding equivalent fractions.

In English we have wrote a dialogue between Gromit and a trusty friend, seeking advice to help overcome the evil Piella.

Disgustingly, the room has been filled with the over powering scent of vinegar as we observe the effects of acid on egg shells. This, hopefully, will show the children the importance of toothpaste as we have had placed one just in vinegar, one smothered in toothpaste in vinegar and a control egg in water. So far egg in vinegar isn't looking healthy or in any way edible.

In Shakespeare work the class has begun to put together the sound scape to support our scenes in our joint production. A budding conductor has come to the forefront in Harrison to help organise our orchestra.