Challenge week has flown by as fast as fast as this half term! I can't believe 5 weeks have been since the Christmas holiday. 

On Monday, we had a science day kicked off by Nuclear Naz. She brought some fantastic experiments for the whole school to take part in. We followed this by taking part in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch. The results were fascinating and it was truly a joy to spend half an hour in Squirrel Wood. In the afternoon, we all took part in an experiment whereby we modelled the ins and outs of the digestive system. 


Tuesday was Internet Saftey Day and it highlighted the continued need to stay safe and look after our friends. We are going to be mindful of our posts and our interactions. Never giving out personal details and only adding friends we know.

On Wednesday, we had a Macbeth day, discussing our favourite characters and why. We then challenged ourselves to discover the best way to spend the budget that has been provided by the PTFA. If anyone has any donations  (e.g. Tartan material, medeviel memorabilia or stage props etc) please drop them into the class. We also managed to find time for a philosophical debate on 'what is art?' 

Thursday we went swimming and had rehearsals in the afternoon.

Friday has been spent finishing of our stories with a dilema, completing Macbeth posters for the Grand Theatre poster competition and enjoying some active maths from Maths of the Day. 

A very busy week!