Once again, another wonderful week.

We have been busy writing our climax and resolution in our class story to great effect. Frantically, the children have been putting together the most elaborate and death defying plots for their natural disaster stories. Some of which could be put onto the silver screen.

In Maths, we have been converting measurements, from millimetres to centimetres to meters and back again. We even ended the week outside doing 'Maths of the Day' our school approach to active maths.

In R.E. we have put together, or attempted to put together, raps to tell people why we should care for our fellow man. However, although the children took on various gangster personas, I don't think Lytham's grime scenes is about to take off.

Congratulations to this weeks award winners:

Merit - Thomas

Writing - Alana

Virtue - Harrison.

And, May the forth be with you, as I was repeatedly informed this morning.