Everyone has worked so hard in Year 3 this week.


During R.E. this week, we have been thinking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We have read the stories about the lost sheep and the Prodigal Son. The class have learnt that these stories can help us learn about recognising when we have done wrong, saying sorry, being forgiven and making everything right again.

In Science this week, we have completed our investigation into the permeability of rocks. The class discovered that limestone, sandstone, chalk and pumice are all permeable.

We have had great fun in English this week creating a descriptive word bank in order to create a shape poem. After gathering great words, we practised creating a shape poem about an ice cream. The whole class did brilliantly.

I am realy impressed with the ability of the class when learning net and wall games through tennis. All the class have practised using their skills and listened well. All the class can now under arm serve the ball over the net and return it to their partner. Some of the class can even keep a rally going over a period of time. Well done everyone.

Achievers this week are:

Merit - Layla

Writer - Louis

Virtue: - Encouragement - Ellis