Reception 18/05/18

This week we have been listening to the story 'The Snail and the Whale'. The children have talked about different parts of the story and have talked about lots of different describing words.

Our Caterpilliars are now Butterflies! When the children came in on Monday morning they were surprised to find some butterflies, which we released Tuesday afternoon. 

Our Tadpoles have been moved into a larger container with a couple of rocks in as they have grown legs and will soon be frogs.

For the Royal Wedding the children have created crowns, flags and bunting. On Friday lunchtime the children sat outside together for a royal wedding picnic with music.

Katy has managed to get us some ducklings from a farm for the week! The children noticed staright away how some of the ducklings looked bigger and older. They helped to put food and water in the cage for the ducklings to have.