Health Week has been amazing! The children have don all sorts from start to the end of the week. All week we have taken an active approach to Maths, from running round the hall translating shapes to creating huge symmetric designs in teams. In English, we took to the woods for our inspiration for our own adventure story. We questioned how the owl sculpture arrived in our woods and even how a lone dummy arrived! The ideas flowed thick and fast from families fleeing from monsters to native tribes erecting the sculpture. Wonderful! In Computing, we put down the computers to encourage cutting down screen time and go out enjoy the out doors! We played football, ate cake in the sun shine and made memories! The children loved every minute of it. We had an impromptu visit from the chicks and ducking to end the week which was a lovely treat to end the week. And so much more! This weeks award winners are Merit: Matthew Virtue: Corey Writing: Year 4 Enjoy the holiday!