Reception 25/05/18

This week has been health week at school, where we have been thinking about ways to be healthy. The children have discussed what makes a healthy lunch box and how to make healthy choices with food. 

Our lovely cute duck Donald, has had his first swimming experience! We looked at Donald the ducks legs and webbed feet and could see how he moved them in the water. The chicks and duck are gong back to the farm, it's been a great experience having them in our class for the week. 

The children did a bog eyed jog on Wednesday morning which involved coming to school in their pjs and running some laps around our field. The children loved this and some managed 5 laps around the field in the time.

We have been enjoying this lovely sunny weather outside where we did our maths lessons.

On Friday morning the children joined in with 'potted sports' which involved different sport activites on different stations. The children completed these with different KS1 year groups in their house groups. All the children were so enhuastic and keen to work togetehr with their house teams.

Have a lovely half-term, see you in 2 weeks! Miss Murgatroyd, Miss Smith and Mrs Woodhouse.