The weeks are really flying by! We continue to work very hard.

In RE we have finished our unit all about belonging to a family and Baptism. Thank you for all the Baptismal candles and photos that your children have brought in. They were lovely to see and helped the children to understand better.

In English we continue to learn new sounds in phonics and are beginning to spell some words using them. In fact some children became the teacher today showing others how to spell the words,just brilliant(see the photos below). Our stories about Lost and Found are coming along really well and we are nearly finished them. The children have used their Geography knowledge to choose the correct type of country for their chosen animal.

Year 1 phonics

Talking of Geography we learnt how to use an ipad app today which shows the world. The children can choose a hot or cold country and find an animal there, they can zoom in the app will give a description and a real photograph. The children absolutely loved it(as you can see below)and it was a good reinforcement of the learning,as well as learning new things.

Year 1 Ipads for Geography

In Maths we learnt about Part part whole.This will lead into partitioning of numbers and then help us with number bonds,addition,subtraction and eventually fractions.

Thank you for all the wonderful homework this week, it was very pleasing to see how creative the children had been. A joy to look at!

This year our present school building is 50 years old,so to celebrate next week each class will take a different decade and study it. Ours is 2010 to present day. It is great to celebrate this fact. Next Friday 5th October we can wear own clothes/party clothes to celebrate and there will be a special birthday lunch for the whole school

 Our certificates this week are awarded to

Merit: Charlie

Virtue:Isaac J

Writing: Autumn

Well done to them.