Another fantastic week in Year 4, we have been none stop!

Mrs Heyes visited our classroom this week to see how we use a new Maths app ‘Learning by Questions’. She was very impressed with how well the children have taken to the new software and how it allowed them to focus on different reasoning and problem solving activities. 

We have also begun using the formal written method for addition. The class have looked at different reasoning questions such as the one above. Questioning why the left question was wrong and why the right question was right! 

In English, we have been writing instruction texts based on Wallace and Gromt’s inventions. The class agreed on what makes a good set of instructions and how we could make it a Year 4 piece of writing. 

Thursday was definitely a unique day. We had a beautifully reverent service at St Peter’s with our start of the school year mass. The whole class sang magnificently and were beautifuly behaved. Mass was quickly followed by a top deck ride on the bus to swimming which was, unexpectedly, loved by the children. We finished the day with our active approaches to Shakespeare in the hall.

A lovely week!

This week award winners 

Virtue - Gabriella A

Merit - Arthur

Writing - Dylan

Well Done!