A very exciting week this week across St. Peters. We have had the good fortune to be able to use the new iPads in lots of our lessons. We have experimented with various apps for different subjects e.g. Popplet, Padlet and Seesaw. 


The new use of technology in the classroom is being incorporated to help advance our children's learning. As such it will only be used when it will aid learning and not when it will hinder.

It has really captured the children's imaginations and concentration with instant feedback and the ability to create. We have created short memorial videos, collaborated to create dynamic plans for stories and much more. It is all very exciting! 

Next week, we will continue to experiment and try new apps to help our learning as letting the children create is one of the most powerful tools in education.

This week’s award winners:

Merit: Patrick

Virtue: Gabrielle

Writing: Zaki