Next week is December?! Where is the time going?

This week has been another fabulous week in Year 4; we entered a competition, shown off our iPad skills and finally have Gabriele back in class!

Ansdell Library tagged St Peter’s, on Twitter, into a competition (a very modern way to get involved). This was to create a logo for Fylde Sand Dunes Project. As a class, we explored the different flora and fauna that inhabit our local dunes and how they may be used in the logo. Like the Panda in the WWF, we have seen how we could use the mining bee, stonechats, skylarks and reed buntings that are common to our dunes. Hopefully we will have a winner amongst us!

Swimming was wet. Not only in the pool but also on our way there. We were caught as the heavens opened, on our way to the coach. We had to laugh at it as we cowered against the fence under the tree line. And of course the coach was late. Minutes felt like hours in the downpour.

In Maths, we have been looking at different methods for mental multiplication and in English we have been writing our own version of a fairy tales. 

This week’s award winners. 

Writing: Oliver

Merit: Ellis

Virtue: Year 4