What a lovely week in Year 3!


We have been really busy understanding the Christmas story in class this week, as we have been practising hard for our Advent Worship. All the hymns are almost learnt and the children acting are doing a wonderful job.

Advent Worship

St. Joseph's Catholic Church Ansdell, Thursday 6th December 7pm. Children singing - wear winter uniform, children acting, you will be given costumes to take home and wear that evening.


We have had a great week in Science. We have been using Popplet on our ipads to group everyday items into attracted and not attracted to magnets. Once this had been completed, we looked at the results and came up with several statements about magnets and certain materials. Lots of great learning.


We have had a great time planning our DT project, creating a moving picture of part of the story of the Iron Man. The class had to choose a part of the story they would like to illustrate and then decide how their moving part was going to move. They looked at all of the mechanisms they had explored , to see which one would work best for their picture.


During maths this week we have been exploring multiplication and division. We have been unpicking exactly what the times and division signs actually mean then using lots of practical apparatus to create maths stories and arrays.


Travelling Crib

The Travelling Crib has gone home this week. Please take time to enjoy this with your child. I have included  words to some of the carols. There is a little worship sheet, a book to read and the figures.

Achievers this week are:

Merit - Ellis

Virtue: - Valuing and including - Cleo

Writing - Olivia S and Robert T