Reception week ending 11/01/19

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a great break over the Christmas holidays.

The children have come back in this week ready to learn, we have all been so impressed with how focused the children have been!

We introduced somebody new into our Reception class this week...Hugo the tortoise. Hugo is 4 years old like the children in Reception and came from Mrs Woodhouse's house. He will be staying in our class over the year. The children have loved meeting Hugo and have been reading him stories and saying hello and goodbye to him each day. Hugo will need a bath once a week and feeding daily which the children are keen to help with. 

We have been focusing on money in Maths, recognising coins..1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p. The children have observed and noticed the numbers on the coins and also the colour and shapes of the coins. We have set up a shop in the role play area and the children have been working well together setting up the shop and paying with money for each item they want. We have also been looking at different ways to make 10p using the coins. The children went on a treasure hunt searching for eggs with coins in them, the children then recorded on a sheet what coins they had found. 

We have started our topic...Our World and this week and have been working in our groups to walk around the school with an adult looking at different parts of our school and taking pictures with an ipad. We've talked lots about different houses people live in and the different rooms in a house. 

We have been focusing on the number formation rhymes for writing each number (Please practice these with your child at home)

0= From the top go all the way round

1= Go straight down and that is all

2= Swing it round and then go right

3= Swing it round and then once more

4= Down, slide, cut in half

5= Down round, put on a hat

6= Come on down and make a curl

7= Slide to the right and slant on down

8= Make an 'S' and go straight home

9= Make a loop and then go down