What a fantastic week we have had!  It has been Children’s Mental Health week and we have been thinking about how we can take care of our mental health and have been meeting a range of inspirational people who have had to deal with challenges in their lives.

On Monday, we met Eiad who told us about his life in Syria and how he was forced to flee his home country.  It was very interesting and we had lots of questions. We tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the many people who have to leave their homes, and thought about the careful decisions that we would need to make and how it would feel to leave friends and family and embark on a dangerous journey.

On Tuesday, we thought about how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet and how our actions can have an effect on our mental health and the mental health of others.

Wednesday was our day in the woods.  It was lovely to spend time taking part in the activities and back in class we thought about how getting outside really helps us to feel calm and have fun!

On Thursday we were thinking about how animals can help use  We met  Carole (and her lovely dog Rosie) who told us all about the wonderful work that guide dogs do.

Friday saw our week come to a close.  We met author Dan Worsley who told us about how he keeps himself motivated when he faces difficulties with his writing.  We practised some of our relaxation techniques and thought about how our bodies react when we are feeling unhappy or worried, we then came up with lots of ideas on how we can help ourselves.

Wow a busy week!


Virtue - Oliver

Merit - Ellie

Writing - Hannah

Well done!