We have had a very varied week this week. 

On Wednesday we had an Ash Wednesday Service in school to begin our Lenten journey. We have also been thinking in class how we can help others during Lent and become closer to God. We looked at the Cafod Give it Up campaign and what we can buy with any money we donate. If you get the chance have a look at the Cafod website.for more information.

Also remember to fill up those Smartie tubes with whatever you can give to support the mission in El Salvador.

Thursday saw us all dress up as a book character for World book day. All the costumes were wonderful as you can see below. Many thanks for all your efforts.

World book day Year 1

We also planted our Cress Heads it looks like a Rogues Gallery!  as you can see above.We are now waiting for the hair(cress) to grow.

Year 1 Cress Heads

Our certificates this week are awarded to:

Merit: All of Year 1 for fabulous costumes

Virtue: Autumn

Writing: Noah B

Well done!