This week or letter focus was the reognition of 'g'. The children did really well spotting 'g' within words and starting words. Hayley talked to the children about the sound of this letter and to help us remember the sound we say 'put the plug in the sink, turn on the taps until the sink is full, pull out the plug and when the water goes down it goes g g g g g g g' the children all took this on, some even using this to sound out g words for themselves, well done all. Next week we begin the formations (around the girls face, down her long hair and give her a curl).

Kindy g recognitions and initial sounds

We started our Jack and the beanstalk topic this week and began by planting our very own magic beans, hoping to grow beanstalks, the children each filled up a named pot with compost and then chose 1 magic bean to push into the soil. We talked about how we need to make sure we water the beans so they can grow big. the next job is to observe the seedlings until the begin to sprout. 

planting beanstalks

Some children progressed with name writing from shadowing, to copying to now writing from saying the letter and phonics rhyme only. Good focus shown and instructions followed well.

Kindy name writing

In Maths we looked at estimating using small connecting blocks, we printed out some pictures of dinosaurs and some of Rapunzel with different lengths of hair. In turn children were asked to choose 2 pictures , e.g Rapunzel, I placed one cube at the bottom and asked "how may cubes do you think it will take to get to the end of her hair?", Hayley then wrote down the number guessed while children began to count out the cubes . If it was short, the children would be asked "do you need more or less? how many do you think now?". We repeated this with different sized dinosaurs and hair length.

Kindy estimating/ more or less

In Maths we also looked at size comparisons by completing mini challenges, our teachers chose 1 object and using different Mathematical language challenged the children to find items bigger, longer, smaller, shorter. Angela worked on 1-1 counting up to 10 using magic beans, once counted children were to identify the corresponding number and try to write number on their work.

Kindy size comparisons

Our Awards this week are:

Angela/Alex :Harriet

Hayley :Ben

Kindy awards 15/3/19

There was no football this week :(

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Team Kindy