We started off our busy Easter week making Easter hats with Angela. We used bingo dobbers to create beautiful patterns on our egg cut outs. Once finished we stuck them to the front of our chosen colour band, then we modelled for pictures.

Kindy Easter Hats

We also made some chocolate Easter nests. In groups we went into the staff room to melt the chocolate, Angela encouraged the children to use lots  of descriptive words throughout the activity, taking note of solid to liquid form of the chocolate. We then mixed in rice crispies and spooned into cases and finally adding chocolate eggs to decorate.

Kindy Easter baking

We went into the playground and discovered an tank with lots (and i mean lots) of tadpoles in. The children all had a look and we talked about what was going to happen to them (this will slot nicely into next terms topic). One child asked "when they turn into frogs will they live and hop in the playground?" i said they will probably travel across our playground and into the woods.

Kindy Tadpoles

We went into the hall to watch the KS1 and Reception assembly all about how the story of Easter began. We watched as Jesus went through the streets of Jerusalem with palm leaves being waved at him and how he shared a last supper with his disciples. We enjoyed listening to the other children sing hymns that are associated with Easter. We all received an award after teachers in school commented on our behaviour in the hall and our manners when leaving the hall. 

Kindy ( listening to KS1 Easter story)

Our Awards this week are as follows:

Football trophy: Tillie

Football sticker: Ben

Yoga: Nicolas and Tillie

Angela/Alex: Heidi

Hayley: ( Red team and Green team in football )

RED:        Mateo, Tillie, Oscar and Noah

GREEN:  Freddie,Ben,Nicolas and Jamie

Kindy Awards 11/4/19

Have a lovely Easter break everyone and we will see you all back on Tuesday 23rd April at 9am ready to start our new topic of minibeasts and lifecycles. As requested by Ben we have made a rocket for our role play corner. 

Hayley , Angela and Alex