This week we have been very busy looking at the life-cyle of the butterfly. We started by doing a cutting and sticking activity to make a flow chart of order of the life-cycle. In pairs we discussed which picture they thought would come first , the answer was eggs. I then instructed the children to cut out the eggs and glue them onto number 1 on the chart. We then talked about the next things (caterpillar, Cucoon and butterfly). Some children found the cutting difficult and needed support with either holding of the paper or changing scissors for better control.

lifecycle cutting (kindy)

We read and discussed the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' talking again in detail about the life-cycle. This lead us to our art activity of making our very own 'Hungry Caterpillars' We used egg boxes which Hayley had already cut up for us as they were very tricky to cut. We then painted our caterpillars head red and then tried our best to follow a pattern of dark green and light green to complete our caterpillar.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Our letter focus his week was the formation of j - 'down the body ,give it a curl and dot for the head'. The children followed the rhyme and instruction well completing a clear letter j.

Letter j formation (kindy)

Angela has been doing The Very Hungry Caterpillar sequencing sheets. We had to identify the pattern that the caterpillars had on their body and then complete the pattern using felt tips. It could be quite tricky to identify the pattern especially when there were double colours in the pattern. 

We also went into the woods with Alex and put up our bug hotel (Mr Newsham put a hook on a tree in squirrel wood). We talked about the materials we have put in the bug hotel - fur, pine cones, wood and bamboo. Feel free to go into Squirrel Wood and have a look if any bugs have moved in!

Awards this week :

Football Trophy: Georgie

Football Sticker: Tom

Yoga superstars: Harriet and Oscar

Hayley: Hannah

Angela/Alex: Harriet 

Kindy Awards 3/5/19

Have a lovely Bank Holiday everyone and we will see you on Tuesday 7th May.

Hayley ,Angela and Alex