We have continued to work hard completing our independent booklets! Well done to everyone for your perseverance and determination.

On Wednesday we had an exciting introduction to our new topic; Seaside holidays. We travelled to Fleetwood for their Victorian Seaside Special. There was so much to see, hear and find out about and everyone behaved impeccably! The staff at the Museum are brilliant and we had a wonderful opportunity to learn and have fun. See gallery photos for a glimpse of our day! 

Year 2 visit Fleetwood Museum



Next week is Health and Well-being Week. We will start on Monday with potted sports. Make sure you have your PE kit and pumps or trainers which fit you comfortably (everyone is growing and that includes their feet). We have other activities happening to enhance and enrich our curriculum. 

This week certificates were awarded to;

Merit: All of Year 2- doing your best!

Writing: Lacey

Virtue: Encouraging: Maciej

Well done to you all!