I hope you had a great holiday. Judging by the news we shared on Monday and wrote about in English, many of you have been away and/or done some interesting things!

This week we started our DT topic which started by investigating puppets. Thank you for all the examples that were sent in for the lesson.

In Maths, we have been rounding to the nearest 10. We then started to use this skill to estimate the accuracy of addition calculations. 

Next week the children will start to recite their poems so please make sure they are ready.

Don’t forget our technology evening on Tuesday at 6-7:30pm. We have invited you all to join us and find out how technology, and in particular our ipads, are contributing towards our learning. Please support this event and thank you in advance to those who have volunteered to help.

This week’s certificates were awarded to;

Merit: Francesca

Writing: Nathaniel

Virtue:Encouragement: Lydia

Well done to you all!