13 March 2020

This week we have been on a pirate treasure hunt in the woods with Alex. We found pirate gear: (Swashbuckling sword- a stick with handles, Ye eye patch- a leaf with a stick, A pirates hook- a curved stick). We then searched for pirate treasure ( jewels and precious stones- rocks and pebbles, Gold doubloons- acorns, plundered pearls- small stones). We worked hard as a team to find out treasure, carefully marking the items off on a list when we found them. we decided as a team which items best fit the picture and description of the treasure.

We have also been doing some number recognition activities this week using a magnetic fishing game. In turn the children used a magnet to fish and on each fish was a number which they said aloud.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 

Angela, Alex and Hayley


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