It has been wonderful getting to know the class and getting back to work over the past few weeks! They really are a delight to teach and have so many exciting ideas and thoughts. Mrs Banks and yourselves have clearly done a wonderful job!

In English, we have gone off script as when we started looking at a one off poem to begin another topic, it was met by a collective groan. As such we then delved into some of my favourite poems from Mark Grist and Harry Baker which completely captivated the class. Now, every morning, I hear the Year 4 children from the breakfast club, demanding to listen to ‘59’ or ‘Purple Paper People’. Definitely the right decision as they are so very engaged! This resulted in the up coming session with Mark Grist after we hijacked two of his last write clubs it felt very much right to have the opportunity to listen to his poetry and learn from him! A wonderful few weeks in English!


In Maths, we have been looking at place value. The class have done incredibly well getting back to it and it is becoming clear where we need to go moving forward. We have also reintroduced Times Table Rockstar so please encourage your children to keep practicing to become Rock Legends!! Last years’ Year 4 have gone on to Mrs Kelly incredibly well prepared for upper KS2 and she has never had a class so well versed with their times tables. As such, I want to send this class up equally prepared!

In other news, Miss Davies has been a wonderful addition to the class and has already made her mark with the children becoming a firm favourite. If you see her in and around school please say “Hello!”


I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the Year with your children and will endeavour to make these blog posts weekly. 

Mr Kidd