After all of the excitment of last week, this week has been far more of a 'normal' school week. Well as normal as a Year 4 class can be. 

We have continued our work with place value in Maths, started a new text type in English and also started our new topic of 'Electricity' in Science. 

Throughout the week in Maths, we have been working incredibley hard looking at dividing by 10, comparing and ordering decimal numbers and throwing ourselves at our timestables*. To help support this at home, look at money together and the relationships between 1p, 10p and £1. As well as using coins to compare and order values. 

In English, we have begun a new text type, Fairy Tales, and as such we have begun looking at the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. We have predicted how the parents would have felt after the children ended and wrote a sequel chapter to the story. The Mayor of Hamelin doesn't do well in the majority of storries, with him being hung, drawn and quatered being a popular ending for the greedy statesman. 

In Science, we have started looking at electricity and have just covered safety at this point, completing the 'switched on kids' course for safety and the whole class getting a certificate! Well done Year 4! We will be continuing our science next week with a 'Science Day'!

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Mr Kidd 

*If you care to know, as a school we are currently in 5 place for average speed, in the local area, for timestables (according to TimesTable Rock Star) down 2 places from last week. We are still ahead of all other Lytham St. Annes primary state schools......but I want to be top!!!!!