The children are very enthusiastic about learning all about the Great Fire of London. Above you can see a model made out of Lego and bricks showing the yellow and red frames. Also the River Thames in the background complete with bridges. Well done Freddie H and Ella.

The children also combined their IT skills and History by drawing and recording learnt facts about The Great Fire. I’m sure you will agree they are great drawings. Here is a small selection. You can see it in your child’s journal under History folder.



This week we particularly remembered all those who have dies in the World wars. We had a whole school assembly and the children were very respectful.

Please continue to bring in your stars to hang on our Remembrance tree.


We worked on fractions this week learning about quarters. We practised folding shapes first to see how many different ways we could make quarters.



Next week we will taking part in lots of activities for Anti- Bullying week, starting with Odd Socks day on Monday.


Please continue to work on your words for our short nativity/worship. We will be starting to practise this week. Also if you are having problems sourcing a costume please let me know.


Thank you for your continued support.