Kindergarten w/e 27/9/19

This week our letter focus is 'c'. To sound out this letter we raise our hands and snap our finger as if playing castanets and say c,c,c,c,c. To do the letter 'c' formation we say 'curl around the caterpillar' We had lt's of back to front and upside down 'c' but the formations were…

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Kindergarten week ending 20/9/19

This week we begin our letter 'b' focus. We started by learning the sound. To do this we all pretend to hold a bat, then we have to hit a ball from side to side saying b,b,b,b,b. Then we all had a turn at the formation the rhyme for this is : down the laces to the heel and around the boot. We all…

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Kindergarten week ending 13/9/19

This week we began our phonics journey. Starting with 'a' to help say the sound of this letter correctly. We also have an action that we do to help us to remember this. It is as follows: wiggle fingers above the arm as if ants were crawling on you and nipping saying a,a,a,a,a . The children picked…

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Welcome Back Kindergarten

A big warm welcome to our new families starting with us this term, also its lovely to see lots of familiar faces returning for another year in kindergarten. The new children have settled in really well and have made lots of new friends already.

We started straight back into our kindergarten…

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Kindergarten w/e 28/6/19

This week our letter is O.  To make the sound of this correctly we make the action as if we were turning a light on and off using our pointy finger (o,o,o,o,o,o,) To make the correct formation the rhyme is ' all around the orange').

We have focused a bit this week on smart board games and…

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Kindergarten w/e 21/6/19

First of all, apologies for last week's missing blog.  We had an extremely busy week. This blog is going to be a summery of both weeks. We hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed lots of fun things. A huge warm welcome to our new families who have joined us too.

Our letter focuses have…

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Kindergarten w/e 24/5/19

This week there has been lots of excitement as the children going to school found out their house groups for September. We decided to create a Class of 2019 display in honor of the children leaving us in July for pastures new. Please note date for diary Tuesday 18th June at 9;45am Red frog…

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Kindergarten w/e 17/5/19

We started off this week on a secret mission to create a bright and colourful card for baby Iris Olivia. We each made a rainbow (which is the Greek meaning of Iris). We painted circles of different colours and once dry cut in half to create 2 rainbows.

We have had glorious weather this week…

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Kindergarten w/e 10/5/19

Kindergarten started off the week learning to write letter K using the rhyme 'down the kangeroos body , his tail and leg' after much practice and confusion we adapted the rhyme a little to see if it made a difference. We simply changed tail to arm, this made a massive difference as you will see…

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Kindergarten w/e 3/5/19

This week we have been very busy looking at the life-cyle of the butterfly. We started by doing a cutting and sticking activity to make a flow chart of order of the life-cycle. In pairs we discussed which picture they thought would come first , the answer was eggs. I then instructed the children…

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Kindergarten first week back

The week started off with some lovely weather. We made the most of this and went outside into the EYFS playground as much as possible. All the children have been split into outdoor groups named Butterflies and Caterpillars animal groups are also used in reception class (the children have been told…

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Easter week in Kindergarten

We started off our busy Easter week making Easter hats with Angela. We used bingo dobbers to create beautiful patterns on our egg cut outs. Once finished we stuck them to the front of our chosen colour band, then we modelled for pictures.

We also made some chocolate Easter nests. In groups…

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