Week ending 11th April

Another half term finished!

We have had a very lovely week learning all about the Easter story.

Throughout the week the story has been told in three separate Easter worships.

On Tuesday the infants began the week with Palm Sunday and The Last Supper.

On Wednesday Y3 and Y4 acted out a…

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Week ending 5th April

What a fabulous week. We started our week with our crazy hat and danceathon day. We had great fun and thank you for all the crazy hats the children wore. 




So far we have raised Nearly £300 and counting an amazing achievement! Thank you so much for all your generosity and…

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Week ending 29th March Year 1

Another hard working week.



This week we finally finished our innovated story based on the Carrott Club, some lovely stories and ideas.  



We learnt all about position and direction using our left and right. We also learnt about full turns, half turns and…

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Week ending 15th March

As you can see our cress heads are really beginning to grow well. We will be bringing them home next week. 


In English we are learning the story about the Carrott club and next week we will change it to write our own version.

In Maths we learnt about bar modelling and part part whole.…

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Year 1 week ending 8th March

We have had a very varied week this week. 

On Wednesday we had an Ash Wednesday Service in school to begin our Lenten journey. We have also been thinking in class how we can help others during Lent and become closer to God. We looked at the Cafod Give it Up campaign and what we can buy with any…

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week ending 1st March

The end of the first week back. Didn't it go fast! 


In English this week we are working on instruction writing.  We looked at how you would make a jam sandwich and then we actually made one. We really enjoyed doing this as you can see from the photos below. 



In Maths we…

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Week ending 15th February

Well another half term is over. Can you believe how fast they go!. This has been an extremely busy half term where everyone from staff to children have worked very hard.


This week in:


Maths we have been looking at multiplication and helping to solve calculations using…

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week ending 8th February

Mental Health week was amazing!

We had so many activities ranging from learning all about guide dogs with a visit from an actual guide dog to lying in hammocks in squirrel wood.

Just look at the wonderful photos below.



We also started our self portraits.



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Year 1 week ending 25th January

We have had a very varied week starting with a fantastic visit onto the Life Bus. We learnt all about our bodies and how important it is to eat the right food.  We met Harold the giraffe who helped us learn about brushing our teeth and getting lots of sleep to help our bodies grow. We also learnt…

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Year 1 week ending 18th January

Another busy working week!

In Maths we are learning about Kg and g and we have lots of fun weighing the mass of different items in the classroom. Try to see what you can spot at home that is weighed in g or Kg.

In English we continue to learn the story of Rumplestiltskin and we used the…

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Week ending 11th January

Happy New Year! May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your lovely gifts and your generosity at Christmas time.

The children have come back raring to learn new things, great to see.

This week in Maths we have been looking at place value and tens and units. We have used Base 10…

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week ending 21st December

What a wonderful week!

We had a great day at the Winter Gardens watching The Wizard of Oz, the children were so well behaved. They were all very tired on the way back.

On Wednesday we had Christmas lunch,enjoyed by all.

On Thursday we had some very successful stalls raising money for…

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