Year 2 W/E 13th July

Another active week in Year 2!

We have been innovating our poems based on the Owl and the Pussycat, adding and finding the difference in Maths, completing tasks in our seaside topic work and sewing our puppets in DT. 

(see photographs below)

On Monday Lydia did a great performance of her…

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Y2 W/E 22nd June

No two days are the same and there is plenty happening in school in addition to great learning.

We had a visit from NSPCC on Monday. Next Wednesday we will be dancing away to our favourite music to help raise money to help children be safe and secure. Remember to return your sponsor forms and…

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Year 2 W/E 15th June

We have enjoyed an active and varied week in school!

On Monday, we completed a Maths Number Chase in our playground. We completed each card, recorded the answer and raced to find the next card. 

On Tuesday we welcomed the drummer from Status Quo, Jeff Rich, into school together with his…

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Year 2 W/E 25th May

We have enjoyed a healthy week in Year 2. The garden areas are looking far more colourful and ready for summer. We have been even more active and finding ways of keeping healthy in fun ways.

On Wednesday the sun continued to shine down as we arrived in our pyjamas for our fun run. Everyone did…

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Year 2 W/E 18th May

This week we observed our tree again. We were amazed to see what had been growing inside the sticky buds! We are now looking out for similar trees so we know where to collect conkers next Autumn.

We have been working hard to complete all our 'booklets' and Mrs Smith wants to say well done to…

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Year 2 W/E 11th May

After a blazing bank Holiday weekend, we returned to class and we have had a busy week. All the children are thinking so carefully when completing the booklets and doing their absolute best! Who can ask for more?

We have begun researching our topic and finding out what lives where and why. We…

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Year 2 W/E 4th May

Another busy week in Year 2!

On Monday we went onto the field to study a habitat. We sampled a small area and looked carefully to notice all the living things we could find there. We had a few surprises as we carefully moved the foliage and found what lies beneath.

We are also recording the…

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Year 2 W/E 27th April

Another busy week in Year 2. 

The children have begun to use their new plans to lead class worships- great start from Jack P Bannan and Alex!

Our letters to Lytham Rotary have been delivered. This week we planned and wrote stories about a bottle washed up on the shore. Some super and…

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Year 2 W/E 20th April

This week, we have been observing the seedlings. Some have germinated and shoots have appeared above the soil. The children thought about questions to investigate. 'What will happen if....?  There were some interesting suggestions!

Our class tree has changed and we wrote about what is happening…

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Year 2 W/E 13th April

Welcome back from the Easter Holiday.

On Tuesday, we all climbed aboard the Life Education Bus. This amazing resource really helps us to learn more about health and PSHE. Steven introduced us to Tammy (a manikin which lights up). We had the opportunity to point to different parts of the body…

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Year 2 W/E 29th March

We have been busy during Holy Week acting out, retelling and learning more about the Easter Story. We have enjoyed sharing this special experience together as a whole school.

We have also made our salads which looked, smelled and I am sure tasted delicious!

This week's certificates were…

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Year 2 W/E 23rd March

This week we enjoyed an informative visit from 'Friends of the Estuary' and the 'Lancashire Wildlife Trust.' There are so many amazing marine creatures living in our seas and on the shorelines and we found out about some interesting and unusual animals. Sadly our coasts and oceans are being…

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