Welcome to St Peter’s 

We are so happy to welcome our new children September 2022.

If your child has received an offer of a place with us, we will be writing to welcome your child and ask for confirmation you will be taking the place.

We wish to welcome you to St Peter’s and look forward to this sharing this new exciting chapter of your child’s life with you. At St Peter’s are main concern is the welfare of your child and we believe strongly that when children are happy they are able to successfully learn. 

There will be an Induction Evening on Wednesday 18th May at 6pm. 

Induction Information Booklet 2021

Welcome Booklet Reception

https://www.pacey.org.uk/Pacey/media/Website-files/school%20ready/12977-Pacey-Starting-School-Together-Booklet-A5.pdfPlease follow these links for some useful information about your child starting at school