St Peter's Catholic Primary School Aims 


  •  To be inspired and challenged by the Gospels and to celebrate in word and action God’s love for us and our love for him.
  •  To provide a community spirit in which children are happy and made to feel welcome and valued, conscious of their own worth as individuals.
  •  To prepare children for life-long learning, valuing the uniqueness of every child and providing for their needs within a safe and secure environment.
  •  To develop active learners with lively and enquiring minds through the establishment of a firm foundation of positive attitudes and skills, and an understanding of themselves as learners.
  •  To provide an inspiring curriculum which reflects the uniqueness of the Catholic school; built on thematic activities and first-hand experiences, underpinned by the core values of the Gospel.
  •  To continually strive for excellence in teaching and to offer challenge leading to the highest standards of personal achievement for all our children, where effort is valued equally with attainment.
  •  To encourage a spirit of friendship and cooperation and promote high standards of behaviour, which reinforces mutual respect, tolerance and understanding of the needs of others, so that each child may learn to live as a member of God’s family world- wide.
  •  To care for, and to serve those, who have particular needs both within our school and those who are outside it.
  •        To work in partnership with parents, Governors, parishes and members of the wider community, to involve and inform them, and welcome them to share in the school’s liturgy and prayer life.


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