Other Clubs

We offer a range of clubs for any interest.

French and Spanish lessons

Madame Rooney offeres small group tuition in either French or Spanish to all children at a small cost. These lessons are thoroughly enjoyed by a lot of children currently and they perform in our Summer concert to showcase what they have learnt.



Chess club

Recently, some Year 6 and Year 5 children have been enjoying a club at lunch time, learning how to play chess!. Every Thursday they come in to the Year 4 classroom and practise their skills against each other.

Colouring club.

This term, some children from Year 6 have just recently set up a club named 'colouring club' which basically is a place where children can go to settle down and do some nice colouring. This takes place every Wednesday lunch time at 12:50. The colouring sheets are all to do with fairtrade and the members from Year 6 hold little competitions every week. 

Colouring club