Sports Premium Funding

Physical Education and Sports Premium Funding

2016 – 2017

  Funding for Physical Education and School Sport, has continued again this year with the Sports Premium Funding from the Government.

With the Sports Premium Funding, this year at St. Peter’s, we continue to buy into the services of The Wyre and Fylde Sports Partnership, together with the services offered by AFC Fylde, Blackpool Football Club and Lytham Tennis Club.

Our aim this year, is to encourage as many children as we can, participating in exercise at school at lunchtimes and after school. With the funding, we are now able to provide playground games, through coaches at AFC Fylde, everyday at lunchtime for the KS2 children and in the evening, a great variety of after school clubs throughout the year. These are: Netball, football, girl’s football, Change 4 life, Indoor athletics. For these clubs, we ask for a contribution of £1 per session: KS1 – multi skills, dance, dodgeball, gymnastics, athletics and fun skills. KS2 – multi skills, tag rugby, invasion games, cricket and athletics.

As part of the Wyre and Fylde package, Year 5 children will receive a 4 week curriculum based programme to prepare them, to become Young Leaders when they reach Year 6, to deliver playground games to KS1 children during each lunchtime. Last year’s Year 5 children, now Year 6, are delivering playground games to KS1 as Young Leaders throughout this year.

Year 6 children will be taking in part in the Bikeability programme again this year.

One important area which we are continuing to develop again this year, is health and well being. As well as having a change 4 life after school club focussing on being active and living a healthy lifestyle by the food we eat, AFC Fylde are also coming into school to deliver their health programme, “Get on Board”. This is a health programme which is delivered in class through the theory of nutrition and healthy eating, getting to know the skeletal and muscular system and the benefits of daily activity on health and well being and the practical aspects of exercise.

As well as this, AFC Fylde will be delivering an 18 session programme concerning improving awareness of mental health. This has been funded by Fylde and Wyre CCG and because we are one of AFC Fylde partner schools, this has been offered us free of charge.

Within the Wyre and Fylde Partnership, we have used part of the funding for Physical Education. This area covers CPD training opportunities for staff to attend twilight courses in areas related to Physical Education. One area which worked extremely well last year was the KS1 staff working alongside an Associate Teaching and Learning Consultant. We have opted for this assistance this year. Throughout the year, the Learning Consultant will come into school and work alongside the KS1 teachers both with the class and individually looking at the development of the fundamental movement skills of the children in KS1. Then there will be an opportunity for the KS1 teachers to go to Clifton school to observe a lesson by the Learning Consultant, as a follow up.

W have also gained membership again this from of The Youth Sports Trust, from which we receive support and guidance through information and resources on their website, together with the availability of P.E. courses and programmes. One of these courses was the Safe Practice twilight, highlighting the importance of safe teaching and safety in P.E. This will an opportunity to be given the updated Safe Practice Manual.

As well as this, we have also been able to attend the Wyre and Fylde Schools Partnership Annual Conference, where we will be able to gain ideas and an opportunity to plan for sport and P.E. for this coming year, with the help of visiting providers and inspirational speakers.

St. Peter’s enjoyed a very successful year in the world of sport last year when taking part in the Wyre and Fylde Sports Partnership Inter-Schools Competitions. This year we would like to give our children the opportunity to compete again in a whole variety of competitions. These will be: Indoor athletics, Tag Rugby, Association Football Matches ( 7 in the year ) Association Netball Matches ( 7 in the year) Football and Netball Tournaments, Swimming Gala, KS1 Multi Skills tournament, Inter Schools Athletics, Kwik Cricket 5/6, Kwik Cricket 4/5, Mini Tennis Red, Rounders and the  Girl’s 7 aside tournament.


As part of the Governments initiative for one hour of exercise each day, 30 minutes to be covered in school, we have bought into the Maths initiative called Maths of the Day. These are specifically designed lessons, by moving around to different parts of the hall, class or playground, in order to solve maths problems, but being active at the same time. This year, we hope to use the PALS, Maths of the Day, early morning wake and shake activities and playground games, to put together a programme whereby every child in school will be able to be active and do exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.


P.E. and Sports Premium Funding Allocation 2016 / 2017

      £970KS1 Associate Teaching and Learning Consultant PE KS1 (KS1 ATLC)

                    Youth Sports Trust National Membership  ( professional development courses for teachers)

                                 Wyre & Fylde School Sports Partnership Annual Conference

           £465 – Health and well being:

                              PALS training. Lee Cadwallader

                              Change for life Club

                              “Get on Board” Health Programme. AFC Fylde

                               Gifted and talented

            £400 – Extra competitions ( to include KS1) inclusion KS1/2, speed stacking, Aqua splash(non swimmers)

            £4,750 – KS2 playground games coaching  5 lunchtimes All year. AFC Fylde

            £125 – Indoor athletics coaching yrs 5 / 6 ( after school club) AFC Fylde

        £350 – Football team Coaching

           £350 – Girls Netball Coaching

           £175 – Girls Football Coaching

           £125 – Football Team trials / coaching

           £80 – Curriculum Tennis Coaching ( Year 4 )

           £495 – Maths of the day subscription ( active maths full school)

           £515– Supply cover for P.E. related meetings, conferences and observations.






Impact of PE and Sports Premium Funding 2016 – 2017

 Physical Education   

Again his year, the Wyre and Fylde Partnership continued with an associate teaching and learning consultant to assist KS1 teachers with the development of the basic fundamental movement skills. We considered this to be an important experience to enable KS1 staff to increase their skills and confidence in helping the children to master these fundamental movement skills.

Through working alongside the KS1 ATLC again this year, both with the class, on an individual basis and being able to visit Clifton Primary School to observe the ATLC take a lesson, putting into practice all that has been discussed, the KS1teachers have been able to increase their confidence in knowing what the children in their class are capable of and being able to implement the next steps in order to move each child’s learning on.

This is beginning to have a very positive impact on the children in the level of skill development and enjoyment during PE lessons. Being a Year 3 teacher, I’ve seen an increase in skill level and confidence from children coming out of KS1 this last year. The vast majority of these children are showing a greater confidence in their own skills and when taking part in new sports. For those children trying hard to master a new skill, I can see a growing determination to keep going until they have achieved and not getting upset and giving up.

Being able to attend the Annual conference ( PE Leader and Headteacher) , gave us an opportunity to discuss how best to allocate funding, inspire our pupils to want to be active through inspirational speakers and gain an opportunity to speak directly to different sport activity providers.

One of the speakers talked about his experiences whilst being at school during competitions and now as an adult taking children to competitions. He talked about resilience and having a good mind set.

Having a growth mind set, is an area which we have been working on as a school this year, but when AFC Fylde offered to come into school to deliver an additional health and well being programme, we thought this would benefit the children enormously. This programme will be delivered over 18 sessions.


For this academic year we decided to invite AFC Fylde again to provide after school sports activities for St. Peter’s, as we were very pleased with their provision last year.

This year we wanted to continue to give the children a whole array of sporting experiences.

These were:

KS1 – Multi Skills, dance, dodge ball, gymnastics, athletics and fun skills project.

KS2 – Indoor athletics, multi skills, tag rugby, invasion games, kwik cricket and athletics.

Pupil Voice

When a representative of children were asked what they thought about after school games, these were the comments: Fun, gets you interested in a sport you’ve never done before. No one is left out, can decide if you want to play that sport later on or not.

Children at St. Peter’s are eager to be active and all sports after school clubs are full after 2 days of the letters being given out.


Extra after school activities:

KS2 – Football team coaching, Netball team coaching and girls football coaching.

From the variety of sporting activities taught within the curriculum and in the after school sporting programme, we will be entering 12 competitions this year and compete in 14 netball and football matches.  (A + B Team matches)

These competitions are:

Lytham St. Annes School’s Sports Association Netball and Football fixtures. (14)

Sports Hall Athletics

Tag Rugby

LSA Netball and Football Rally

Fylde Girls 7 a side football

KS1 Multi Skills Festival

LSA Swimming Gala

Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket

Year 3/4 Mini Tennis Red

Inter schools Athletics

Year 4/5 Kwik Cricket

LSA Year 5/6 Rounders.


We have competed in the Sports hall Athletics, Tag Rugby, completed all the netball and football fixtures and competed in the Netball and Football Rallies so far this year.

All the children were so eager to take part and competed exceptionally well. Although the children didn’t come first, they worked as a team, kept going, encouraged each other and never gave up.


Netball 3rd

Football 4th

Pupil Voice

When the children were asked what their thoughts were about competitions, these were the comments: They all enjoyed competitions as they can show their fitness, fun, feel proud for self and school.

Health & Well-being:

Apart from P.E. and sport activities, we felt that health and well-being were really important areas that we would like to share with the children.

Change 4 Life Club

This club wasn’t as well attended as last year, possibly because there were five other sports clubs available to join during the week. However, for those that went, they learnt about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through the food we eat and the type of exercise they do. All enjoyed this club.

Playground Leaders Training


This training is due to start next half term. It specifically focuses on helping Year 5 children to develop leadership qualities, improve their communication skills and increase their confidence. These children will then start to plan playground activities in order to organise games to play with KS1 children during lunchtimes, when they will be in Year 6. They will become Young Leaders. The children who took part in this training last year, and who are currently being Young Leaders, are able to confidently plan, gather resources and successfully provide a variety of playground activities, during lunch time, for KS1 children.




Health Programme – AFC Fylde Community Trust (Fylde Schools)  Health and Well being


This year, as part of the Health and Wellbeing Programme, AFC Fylde are delivering an 18 session programme, split into 3 phases.

This is being delivered to Year 5 at the moment.

Phase one has now been completed. This looked at: improving awareness of mental health, how mental health links to emotional health, increase knowledge of own personal feelings, increase knowledge of where to go for support and how mental health is linked with physical activity. The next phase is due to take place after Easter. Phase one was very successful and the children responded well.