Sports Premium Funding

Physical Education and Sports Premium Funding

2017 - 2018

Funding for Physical Education and School Sport, has continued again this year with the P.E. and Sports Premium Funding from the Government.

With the P.E. and Sports Premium Funding, this year at St. Peter’s, we continue to buy into the services of The Wyre and Fylde Sports Partnership, together with the services offered by AFC Fylde, Blackpool Football Club and Premier Sport.

Our aim this year is to further develop and enhance the P.E. knowledge and skills of all the members of staff teaching P.E. We feel this is an important area as it will ensure high standards in knowledge, skills and delivery through learning about new initiatives. The teachers will be working alongside Physical Education Officers from Blackpool Football Club Community Trust.

Alongside this, through the Wyre and Fylde Schools Sports Partnership, we are again enlisting the services of the Associate Teaching and Learning Consultant. After successfully working alongside members of Staff in KS1 now for two years, we are directing the focus to EYFS. Throughout the year, the Learning Consultant will come into school to work alongside the EYFS teacher both with the class and individually, looking at the development of the fundamental movement skills of the children in EYFS.

Through the Wyre and Fylde Schools Sports Partnership, we have enrolled into the Lancashire Primary P.E. Alliance Universal Offer, whereby professional learning and support is offered, through courses and twilight meetings. One of the courses being offered is getting to grips with P.E. in KS2, this course will be attended by a new member of staff in order to develop their knowledge, skills and ideas when teaching P.E. 

Other courses being made available to staff this year are: Teaching Health through P.E. From which we will bring a new scheme of work for all to gain ideas from. Creative Games in KS2 which also includes a new scheme of work. At St.Peter's, we feel it is important to keep up to date with new ideas and skills in order to increase the children's learning and development within the P.E. sessions, and make them more enjoyable.

As a school, we have become members of  Premier League Primary Stars and this has provided us with a whole wealth of ideas and teaching resources, to accompany the Lancashire P.E. Scheme of Work. At the beginning of the year, we applied for free equipment and were successful. We receIved a huge amount of equipment, a set of footballs, goals, bibs, Captain's arm band pump and whistle. These are being used regularly through football traIning, both boys and girls and during playground games. Other resources include hoops, markers, cones, spots, inflatable balls. These are beiing used regularly during P.E. sessions and at the breakfast club.

As well as this, we have also been able to attend the Wyre and Fylde School Sports Partnership Annual Conference, where we gained ideas and the opportunity to discuss sport and P.E. provision within school, with members of other schools, sharing ideas and best practice.We were also able to talk to a variety of sports providers, which also helped with planning activities for the year ahead.


Lancashire Healthy Schools focuses on healthy eating, mental health and physical education. We have become members of this network through the P.E Alliance. It has meant that we can attend meetings with teachers from other schools in the local area and discuss issues of health, mental health and Physical Education and learn about new initiatives. We will complete a review tool for our school ensuring healthy attitudes and choices are provided for.

As part of the Wyre and Fylde package, Year 5 children will receive a 5 week curriculum based programme to prepare the class to become Playground Leaders (P.A.L.S) to plan and deliver playground activities to KS1 children during each lunchtime. These sessions will focus on empowering young leaders in building effective planning, communication and time management skills.

Year 6 children will be taking part in the Bikeability programme again this year.

One important area which we are continuing to develop again this year, is health and well being. Year 6 will take part in a 5 week Healthy Heads, mental health programme. It looks at building character through both theory and physical activity lessons. We felt helping to build the characterists of confidence, success, resilience, gratitiude and helpfulness within the children, will help their development now and when they become adults.

Year 6 will also take part in a refereeing course in order to help them develop their knolwedge of fair play and being a young leader. They will have an opportunity to put these skills into practice when organising an after school club for KS1 children.

As part of the Governments initiative for one hour of exercise each day, 30 minutes to be covered in school, we have again bought into the Maths initiative called Maths of the Day after holding a twilight session attended by colleagues from a local school. These are active maths sessions and each class will plan to deliver them on one or two occasions per week.

We have recently looked into the possibility of having an 'All Weather' daily mile track laid on the school playground in order to help the children become more active. These surfaces have a long guarantee but the benefit for the children in increasing their fitness, we feel, is well worth the initial outlay especially when it becomes a permanent feature for all to use.

In order to use the school grounds in the greatest possible way, we wanted to get them ( the school wood called Squirrel Wood and both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds) mapped, ready for orienteering. We would then be able to keep active by using the school grounds to better perform the outdoor and adventurous activity part of the P.E. curriculum, as the maps that have been created and the variety of locations for the markers will be able to be sustained for years to come.

We also wanted to continue with providing playground games to KS2 children each lunchtime to encourage as many children as we can, to participate in exercise at school at lunchtimes. With the funding, we are now able to provide playground games, through coaches at AFC Fylde, everyday at lunchtime for the KS2 children.

Children at St. Peter's really enjoy taking part in physical exercise and regularly sign up for one or two of the after school clubs being offered them. Since receiving the extra funding, we have made all after school clubs free from Spring 1.Our aim is to encourage each child to take part, so a huge variety of clubs run by coaches form AFC Fylde, are offered throughout the year. These are: Netball, football, girl’s football, Speed Stacking, Indoor athletics, multi skills, dance, dodgeball, athletics, fun skills, tag rugby, invasion games, cricket and rounders. Through Premier Sport, we have provided the KS2 children with Fencing and Soft Archery. Parents paid an amount for these clubs and the rest was subsidised through the P.E. and Sports Premium Funding.


St. Peter’s enjoyed a very successful year in the world of sport last year when taking part in the Wyre and Fylde Sports Partnership Inter-Schools Competitions. This year we would like to give our children the opportunity to compete again in a whole variety of competitions. These will be: Indoor athletics, Tag Rugby, Association Football Matches ( 7 in the year ) Association Netball Matches ( 7 in the year) Football and Netball Tournaments, Swimming Gala, KS1 Multi Skills tournament, Inter Schools Athletics, Kwik Cricket 5/6, Kwik Cricket 4/5, Mini Tennis Red, Rounders and the  Girl’s 6 aside Football Tournament. Opportunities will be given to the children to take part in other Football Tournaments run by AFC Fylde.


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