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11 April 2019

Year 2 w/e 11th April

We have been taken through the Easter story this week. Reception, Year 1 and 2 acted out Palm Sunday and the Last Supper. Year 3 and 4 showed the solemnity of Good Friday. As Jesus died there was a complete hush in the assembly hall. Everyone left in a subdued silence. Year 5 and 6 carried o...

11 April 2019

Week ending 11th April

Another half term finished! We have had a very lovely week learning all about the Easter story. Throughout the week the story has been told in three separate Easter worships. On Tuesday the infants began the week with Palm Sunday and The Last Supper. On Wednesday Y3 and Y4 acted out a...

11 April 2019

Easter week in Kindergarten

We started off our busy Easter week making Easter hats with Angela. We used bingo dobbers to create beautiful patterns on our egg cut outs. Once finished we stuck them to the front of our chosen colour band, then we modelled for pictures. We also made some chocolate Easter nests. In g...

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