Keeping Safe Online

What is Online Safeguarding ?

Online Safeguarding, Online Safety, Digital Safety, e-Safety and Internet Safety are all terms used to varying extents to describe staying safe online.  In recent years, the breadth and variety of issues has increased significantly and by its nature, is an agenda that will continue to evolve, none more so than the impact of Social Media.  Specific risk areas within Online Safeguarding are varied and evolving and includes (but is not limited to) Online Child Sexual Exploitation, Bullying, Gaming, Sexting and Online Radicalisation amongst others.

Addressing potential issues around the online environment presents a variety of challenges. At St Peter's we recognise that  it is key we recognise that whatever particular risk area we are addressing, it remains a Safeguarding issue at its core.  This is reflected in the definition of Online Safeguarding as:

"a Safeguarding issue where technology is involved"

Online Safety Policy


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