St. Peter's Computing Curriculum is currently evolving and changing based on the recent significant investment in IT equipment. Since 2020, children of Year 4 have been trialling elements of a new bespoke curriculum which will make best use our Apple technology. In the Autumn term of 2021/22 this will be shared with the other classes of the school for it to be further rolled out. 


At St. Peters we know technology has become an indispensable and an integral part of society. As a consequence, we believe that Computational Thinking, across all three strands of the Computing Curriculum: Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Information Technology, are an essential skill set that must be taught to prepare our children for tomorrows world. This is so the children of St. Peters can not only participate but flourish; thriving and leading in a world which becomes more digitised.

In a time of artificial intelligence, we have to consider what makes us human and as such, not only shall our children thrive but do so with wisdom and compassion. Ensuring that they become thoughtful contributors to an ever evolving world.

Our use of technology in the classroom and the Computing Curriculum is designed to educate our children for their future, not our past


At St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, our children experience 6 half terms of computing each year. These designated lessons provide time to become fluent in their knowledge and skills which then are woven seamlessly across the curriculum to enhance all areas of learning.

This is supported by a close working partnership with KRCS and the Apple Learning Specialist Chris Smith who provides termly training for teaching staff.


After the implementation of our Computing Curriculum, at St. Peter’s, our children will be equipped to prosper in the world we live in today. They will have the skills to use technology safely and effectively and as such be confident to grow into a world which is unimaginable today.

Computing: Progression of Skills

Computing in St. Peter’s