"Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living." - Nicholas Negroponte


At St. Peter’s we know technology has become an indispensable and an integral part of society. As a consequence, we believe that ‘Computational Thinking’, across all the strands of the Computing Curriculum are an essential skill set that must be taught to prepare our children for tomorrow’s world. This is so the children of St. Peter’s can not only participate but flourish; thriving and leading in a world which becomes more digitised.


In a time of artificial intelligence, we have to consider what makes us human and as such, not only shall our children thrive but do so with wisdom and compassion. Ensuring that they become thoughtful contributors to an ever evolving world. As such, our primary school computing program is designed to foster your child's digital literacy and problem-solving skills. Through a structured and creative approach, we aim to equip students with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the digital world effectively.

Our use of technology in the classroom and the Computing Curriculum is designed to educate our children for their future, not our past

Key Focus Areas

Digital Literacy: We introduce students to the fundamental concepts of using computers, tablets, and the internet. They learn how to navigate software, use search engines, and safely interact online.

 Computer Science: Your child will embark on a journey into the world of coding and programming. We teach coding principles through fun and interactive activities, helping them understand the logic behind computers and develop their problem-solving abilities.

 Information Technology: We explore various software applications, including word processing, and presentation software, to enhance their digital skills and creativity.

E-Safety: We prioritise your child's safety online. We educate them about online etiquette, responsible internet use, and how to protect themselves from online risks.

Teaching Approach

We believe in making learning fun and practical. Our approach to computing involves hands-on experiences, group projects, and interactive activities that engage students. We use a combination of educational software, coding games, and practical exercises to ensure that every child grasps the key concepts.



Our school is equipped with iPads, sphero’s, and a wide range of educational apps and ebooks to ensure that your child has the best tools for their computing education.

Computing in St. Peter’s