At St Peter’s we strive to create a passion for sport and keeping active in all our pupils. We do this by ensuring a wide range of opportunities to experience a wide variety of sports. From fencing to archery, golf and frisbee we believe that there is a something for everyone and are committed to finding a sport that each child can enjoy and excel in. 

As well as a well planned and delivered curriculum in PE , we also offer a wide range of extra curricular opportunities and expect that all our children will take part. Alongside this, we also ensure that are children take part in inter school competitions and endeavour to ensure that all our children have an opportunity to represent the school as they travel through the year groups.


Our children love to perform but not everyone has those opportunities so we consciously seek out chances for our children to perform as a group. We have been incredibly lucky and over the last couple of years have been able to take part in the Fylde and Wyre Dance Festival, taking our Year 3 children to perform as a class. This has entailed working with a choreographer, rehearsing and performing on the famous Blackpool Winter Gardens stage. It is wonderful to see the whole class perform together and see those children who would not normally engage in such an event, showing such confidence. The best bit is how much the children enjoy the performance on the day.


Alongside this, we were also chosen to take part in the Dance Competition, this took place and the even more famous Tower Ball Room in Blackpool. Amazingly, we were then chosen to represent all the Fylde Schools in the Lancashire finals and performed at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. This experience was incredible for our children who delighted in working hard as a group ensemble where no one person took the lead but all our children shone. 


Throughout their time at St Peter’s each child has a number of chances to perform with their class, as an individual and as part of an organised group. 

This might be in the Nativity in Reception, Year 1 and 2 or as part of the class group when we entertain our Grandparents and Parishioners. It might be as part of the School Choir or when entering our annual talent show.




St Peter’s Has Got Talent is a night to remember and something our children look forward to performing in and also watching. Every year we are amazed by the varied talents of our children and without fail this inclusive and uplifting approach to showcasing our children’s talents surprises us by spotlighting hidden talents. From comic turns to magic shows, vocals and violinists St Peter’s has it all! 


We can all remember the excitement of school trips, whether it’s just for a day or for a longer residential. Learning beyond the classroom allows children to experience life in an educational context outside the school gates whilst also allowing children to socialise with peers in a different way. It also gives children an opportunity to visit places they otherwise may not experience.

There are many benefits of school trip; immersing children in the things they have been learning in class, helping them to understand their learning, giving it a context and connecting the knowledge learnt in the classroom. This was evident recently when our Year 2 children visited Lytham Hall as part of their local study in History and also in Year 5 when they visited Westminster to further develop their understanding of democracy. 

Visiting a place or seeing a sight that the children have been learning about, develops their enthusiasm and supports their ability to talk about their learning back in the classroom. This also leads to higher achievement in class, as seeing things in real life builds a story making it easier to retain the knowledge and retrieve it from memory. 

Enrichment Timetable

Fridays are enrichment Fridays at St Peter’s. Every Friday afternoon for 2pm we go off timetable and share enrichment opportunities with our class and teachers. This special time in the week is a time to find a new passion, develop relationships with different staff and different children and develop new skills. We love spending time in the forest, learning life skills such as how to sew a button on, how to manage money and a budget. We have enjoyed stretching with Mrs Alfrey and Wendy, being dramatic and tuneful with Mrs Banks and discovering our inner film director with Mr Kidd to name a few.

From local sporting icons to inspirational people sharing their stories, St. Peter’s has proudly been able to offer the privilege of meeting and learning from a range of individuals.  All of our guests have excited and enthused our pupils and brought a wonderful experience and perspective which will live long in our memories!