The Ark week ending 15th February

Hello everyone,

Another fantastic term at The Ark and we are so excited to see our friends and family during the holidays!

This week at the Ark the children have been creative and made Valentine's Day cards to show just how much they love you all.



We hope you have a great…

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Week ending 15th February

Well another half term is over. Can you believe how fast they go!. This has been an extremely busy half term where everyone from staff to children have worked very hard.


This week in:


Maths we have been looking at multiplication and helping to solve calculations using…

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Week 6

We have all worked hard this week and are ready for a well deserved half term break.    We have been working on Romeo and Juliet and have enjoyed getting into character this week.  We have also been solving problems involving multiples and factors, which were tricky!

It was lovely today to see…

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Kinderarten's last week of term

I'm going to start by saying how proud we are of the kindergarten children this term and their enthusiastic approach to their learning. We have adapted our way of teaching letters to the children by doing each letter over a 2 week period. The first week we focus on the recognition of chosen…

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Y2 W/E 8th February

This week we have been learning about our mental health. We took part in activities to learn how we can feel good. We enjoyed the bird watch, Nature day with Julie and Rachel from Park View 4U, making our moving vehicles, suggesting ways to feel good, meditations and reading. During our session in…

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week ending 8th February

Mental Health week was amazing!

We had so many activities ranging from learning all about guide dogs with a visit from an actual guide dog to lying in hammocks in squirrel wood.

Just look at the wonderful photos below.



We also started our self portraits.



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The Ark week ending 8th February

Hi everyone

This week at the Ark we have danced and performed circus tricks in the hall to the Greatest Showman soundtrack. 

We have also played with Lego and built all sorts of houses, robots and planes!


We have also started to create our Valentine's Day and Mother's Day…

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Week 5

What a fantastic week we have had!  It has been Children’s Mental Health week and we have been thinking about how we can take care of our mental health and have been meeting a range of inspirational people who have had to deal with challenges in their lives.

On Monday, we met Eiad who told us…

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Reception week ending 08/02/19

This week has been children's mental health awareness week.

Throughout the week we have been discussing feelings using the cartoons from the film inside out to help us. The children have discussed a range of emotions such as anger, happiness and sadness. We have looked…

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Week ending 8.2.19

On  Monday we were lucky enough to be visited by a refugee. Mr Eiad Zinah spoke to KS2 about his journey as he fled from his native country. Year 6 have followed this up with class discussion and there have been some very thoughtful opinions and points of view.

On Thursday Mrs Gradwell, who is…

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Chinese Celebrations and lots more fun in Kindergarten.

This week in our letter hunt we moved on to letter 'Ee'. During circle time Hayley demonstrated how a letter 'e' is formed (lift off the top and scoop out the egg). Hayley then wrote a different word on the smart board either beginning with or including an 'e' trying to use their names first.…

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The Ark week ending 1st February

Hello everyone,

What a cold and wintry week it has been! We have been sheltering from the cold doing all sorts of crafts and playing lots of games inside. 



When it wasn't too cold we went outside and played dress up on the playground. 


Congratulations to our wonderful…

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