Year 2 w/e 20th March

What a week! We welcomed Greg from Leafy Lytham into school and the children were busy preparing planters for Mother’s Day. (Mums you will have to wait and see what else has been brought home on Sunday). 

Understandably our eagerly awaited trip to Greenlands Farm on Thursday was…

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Week ending 20th March

After a very unique and uncertain week I felt the picture above sums everything up for me personally.  I want to thank all your wonderful children that I have had the great pleasure to teach this year so far. They are a real credit to you all. In particular this week,  your children have coped…

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Week ending 20.3.20

What a week! Your children have dealt with this strange time in an amazing way. Here we are having our Friday assembly outside (coats on). We are full of hope that we will all be back together before the summer holidays but if that doesn’t happen, we will definitely organise a reunion/celebration…

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Y2 w/e 13th March

What a joyous week we had with the Sion mission visit! During our show on Wednesday the two groups were brilliant and made me very proud. During the assembly on Friday, lots of Year 2 children recognised the clues to the special agents of God from the bible and then realised we can all be special…

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Kindergarten w/e 13th march

This week we have been on a pirate treasure hunt in the woods with Alex. We found pirate gear: (Swashbuckling sword- a stick with handles, Ye eye patch- a leaf with a stick, A pirates hook- a curved stick). We then searched for pirate treasure ( jewels and precious stones- rocks and pebbles, Gold…

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Mission Week Year 6

What a fantastic week we’ve had. The Sion mission team have made each day thoughtful, spiritual and meaningful. It has been a wonderfully reflective week with lots of fun activities. We have danced, sung, laughed, presented to parents, bought things from the shop and prayed together. The children…

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Week ending 13.3.20

What a fabulous week we have had. The mission from Sion has really made the children and myself  increase and deepen our faith for God and Jesus. It has been very moving and spiritual.  The children have been filled with joy. 

We will now move forwards in the words of mission as “special agents…

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Year 2 w/e 6th March

We love sharing books whatever the day! On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day and the costumes were great! Following our book assembly and parade, we completed book related activities. After break Year 6 invited us to share stories with them. Later in the day, we drew book covers or designed…

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Week ending 6.3.20

World Book day - Thursday 5th March

What a great day! The children’s costumes were amazing. After our whole school World Book Day assembly, we created a page all about the character we had come as. As the focus for World Book Day was ‘sharing stories’, after break the children in Year 6 read a…

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Kindergarten w/e 6-3-20

Welcome back Angela and Alex you have been missed. Kindy team are back together and what a perfect week to be back, getting to dress up for world book day. The children all embraced the dress up and we had some fabulous outfits.(see below)

We have been busy starting our pirate theme…

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Week ending 6th March

This week we have done lots of exciting activities. We have been measuring in Maths and saving our work on Seesaw on the iPads.


 We have also been learning about instruction writing in English. We have been doing lots of active learning, including following instructions to make a jam…

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Week ending 28.2.20

A great week. We started a new class novel: Once by Morris  Gleitzman. It’s a good read and already we have used it for a writing focus. We have written an official report as an orphanage inspector. Wednesday was a busy day. First thing in the morning we made pizzas. This was part of our DT Food…

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