The St Peter's Curriculum


At St Peter's we have a firm commitment to delivering an engaging and comprehensive curriculum 

At St Peter's we use a range of teaching methods to engage our learners.  Children are challenged and encouraged to use their knowledge to reason and deeply think about their themes and subjects of study.  Through the use of technology, children are given and give feedback throughout lessons; this ensures that misconceptions are addressed, and pupils embed ideas and make good rates of progress.  Our pupils are encouraged to have 'a growth mindset.' They are challenged to find resilience to attempt more difficult tasks and encouraged to share mistakes, as at St Peter's we see the making of 'mistakes', and how we improve on them, an essential part of learning. 

Reception pupils are taught using a variety of teacher-led and pupil-initiated activities through continuous provision.

Pupils are given Phonics instruction through the Read Write Inc Scheme from Reception - Year 2.

Year 1 - Year 6 pupils are taught in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. The St Peter's Curriculum has been developed to ensure that the pupils receive a broad and balanced offer and at is based on the values of our school mission and St Peter's Charter. The curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that pupils develop their meta-cognition through a progressive set of objectives which build upon previous learning and experience.  This is to ensure that learning is secure and deepened over time. 

Reading is an essential part of the St Peter's Curriculum.  Our pupils enjoy reading a variety of good quality texts. Time is each day is dedicated to reading in the classroom.  The younger pupils use the Oxford Reading Tree and a variety of supplementary reading schemes to build their skills, enhanced by guided reading sessions during curriculum time. Our Key Stage 2 pupils are encouraged to develop their higher order skills such as inference and deduction through 'book talk' and other strategies. 


At the beginning of each new academic year parents are invited to a 'meet the teacher' information session.  During this meeting parents will be given key information about the curriculum content for the year ahead. If you would like any additional information about the Curriculum content and delivery then please make an appointment to speak to your child's class teacher.