Kinderarten's last week of term

I'm going to start by saying how proud we are of the kindergarten children this term and their enthusiastic approach to their learning. We have adapted our way of teaching letters to the children by doing each letter over a 2 week period. The first week we focus on the recognition of chosen…

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Chinese Celebrations and lots more fun in Kindergarten.

This week in our letter hunt we moved on to letter 'Ee'. During circle time Hayley demonstrated how a letter 'e' is formed (lift off the top and scoop out the egg). Hayley then wrote a different word on the smart board either beginning with or including an 'e' trying to use their names first.…

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Kindergarten 1/2/19

This week we have started our Chinese New Year theme. The children have really enjoyed our activities starting with Chinese dragon cutting task.The children each had a body to cut out ,6 legs, a head and a tail, the task was then to glue and stick it all together following Angela's example. The…

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Kindergarten w/e 25//1/19

This week has been a chilly week and Jack Frost came to visit.The children loved telling us about glass puddles and how slippy they were; mummy's and Daddy's cars were frozen and they had to melt the ice before they could come to school. Out in our playground we noticed very sparkly spiderwebs and…

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Kindergarten week ending 18/1/19 Another jam packed week.

This week we restarted our football sessions with the YMCA; our new coach is called Jo and with her was a student called Beth. We started off the session with a superhero warm up. We had to run around the hall and freeze when instructed, Jo would then shout out the name of a super hero and they…

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Happy New Year Kindergarten

Happy New Year to all of our families and a big warm welcome to our 3 new families who have joined kindergarten this week.

We have had lots of discussions about all the presents Santa has brought, what lucky children you all have.

This week we have spoken to the children about starting our…

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Christmas week in Kindergarten

Well that's our first term complete in Kindergarten, a very busy one at that. We have made lots of new friends and formed strong bonds with each other. New friends have joined us mid term and we have made them feel very welcome and part of our team. We have demonstrated some fantastic learning…

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Kindergarten week ending 14/12/18

It's been another busy week in kindergarten.

This week we continued with our letter b focus , following on from last weeks letter Bb recognition challenge , we started formation of this, the phonics rhyme is "down the laces to the heel and around the boot ". All children showed brilliant focus…

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kindergarten week ending 7/12/18

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Kindergarten. Monday morning we made a start of decoration the room it made the children very excited . We were also asked to decorate the school tree in the hall, it was very big and Hayley and Angela helped us to teacher the high branches . Angela…

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Kindergarten week ending 30/11/18

Another busy week in Kindergarten this week . 

We continued with our letter Aa recognition this week moving onto correct formations of this letter using the rhyme "around the apple and down the leaf" . During circle time we all had a turn of this on the white board with all other children…

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Kindergartern w/e/23rd November

In Kindergarten this week we have set the children a letter challenge. This week our focus is Aa. During circle time we spoke about the challenge of finding as many letter Aa in the environment as they could . To help the children to identify the letter Aa we wrote each child's name on the white…

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Kindergartens busy week 16/11/18

We have had a busy week this week in kindergarten. We started our new topic (snow and ice) . We made igloos with Hayley using cut outs of the 4 main shapes which has been our focus (square,rectangle,triangle and circle). we also watched a video on how to make igloos, it looked very cold. With…

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