Year 3 27th Jan - 31st Jan 2020

Welcome to week four in Year 3.

During Maths this week, we linked our work on different types of lines, angles, right angles and measuring using cm and mm, to create 2d shapes. Learning what makes a 2d shape first really helped with their understanding.

The class learned how to set up a…

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Year 3 20th - 24th January 2020

What a very busy week Year 3 have had.

This week we created a piece of art work to celebrate Our land, Our School and it was Bird Watch Week.

Lytham Heritage Group, set the title Our Land, Our School and asked the local schools if they would like to create art work to reflect this. We…

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Year 3 13th - 17th January 2020

Welcome to week 2.

Year 3 have been having fun and games this week after we introduced space hoppers during lunch time, to be used for Playground Games. A wonderful way to keep active but quite tricky to master straight away. Everyone who had a go, really enjoyed it and lots of smiles could be…

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Year 3 6th - 10th January 2020

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Year 3 have come back to school ready to get started on their new topics and we can't believe our first week is over already. 

Everyone has worked so hard this week, well done Year 3.


We have been very busy investigating…

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Year 3 21st - 25th January 2019

What a very busy week in Year 3.


We have been exploring the kind of person we think Mary was. The class came up with some great descriptions: Loving, kind, respectful, caring, generous. They also suggested that she loved God, prayed to Him and put her faith and trust in Him. God asked…

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Year 3 14th - 18th January 2019

What an amazing week we have had in Year 3!


This week we have completed our work about advent and we are now thinking about making links between Mary, her feelings and beliefs and her response to God.


We have been working hard investigating different types of lines:…

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Year 3 7th - 11th January 2019

Welcome back to the New Year. All the class have now settled down to work after the 2 week holiday.


This week we have been looking back over Advent and Christmas, thinking about reasons why Christians do special things at this time. The children came up with a list: making advent…

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Year 3 17th - 21st December 2018

We are all excited for Christmas in Year 3 this week!


We completed our work about the symbols within the Liturgy this week. I am really impressed with the level of religious understanding Year 3 have. Well done.

We concluded our year with a worship organised by Mrs Heyes on Friday…

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Year 3 10th - 14th December 2018

Super hardworking week in Year 3!


Moving on to think about the Liturgy as well as Advent, the class began thinking about the reasons why certain symbols are used during Holy Communion. We focused on the bread and wine. The class began to tell me that it was at the last supper that Jesus…

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Year 3 3rd - 7th December 2018

A very exciting week in Year 3!


What a wonderful start to Advent. We have been practising with Year 4 to prepare our Advent Worship. All the class have learnt their songs and know their actions. Thursday night arrived and both classes presented their worship beautifully. Everyone tried…

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Year 3 26th - 30th November 2018

What a lovely week in Year 3!


We have been really busy understanding the Christmas story in class this week, as we have been practising hard for our Advent Worship. All the hymns are almost learnt and the children acting are doing a wonderful job.

Advent Worship

St. Joseph's…

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Year 3 19th - 23rd November 2018

What a very busy week in Year 3!

This week we have been really busy doing assessments in Maths, Writing and Reading.


We are currently learning about the signs and symbols used during the liturgy. This week we thought about the reasons why we genuflect towards the tabernacle. The…

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