This year we have a new netball coach called Gill  who is part of Blackpool netball club.The girls train on a Wednesday at 8:00 in the morning and we are working hard on our shooting techniques. We have played three games against AKS,Hall Park and Ansdell.


By Aimee W

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Netball Rally 2017

On the 27th March our A team travelled to AKS to play in the Area Netball Rally. The team played with great determination and skill. We were runners up in our section so we went on to play the eventual winners. We lost and then had to pick ourselves back up ready for the play offs for third and…

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B Team Netball 11th October

On Tuesday 11th of October, B team Netball played against Heyhouses but unfortunately Heyhouses won 0-3. St Peters had lots and lots of atemps of scoring but none of them went in. Even though we lost, everyone played well and enjoyed themselves.


player of the match was Erin



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A Team Netball 11th October

On Tuesday the 11th of October the netball A team played Heyhouses.The match was very tough and very close as the score was 2-1 to them.Robyn managed to score the only goal with the help of the goal attacker and the wing attacker.

Evie was the player og the match.


By Robyn.

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Netball A Team Results

On Tuesday the 4th October, the Netball A Team played Mayfield.The score was 7-3 to St.Peters.Everyone played their best and enjoyed the competition.

The player of the match was Evie.


By Robyn

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Netball Rally 2016

On Tuesday the 22nd of March we had a Netball Rally. We came 5th out of 10 school's.Well done everyone for trying your best. :) We played against :Lytham C of E ,Ansdell , Hey houses , Clifton and St Thomas's .We won three- lost two.


By Rebecca and…

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Netball A-team report

On Tuesday the A-team played against Ansdell and won 7-0 .The player of the match was Jessica. well done girls !!


by Rebecca

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Netball B team Report

On Tuesday the 15th of March, the netball B-team played fantastically against Ansdell. It was a great game and the score was 3-3! Well done girls! Player of the match - Imogen!

By Charlotte

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Netball A-Team and B-Team.

On Tuesday the 8th of March,the A and B-team played Clifton.The score for the A-Team was:12-0 to us.The score for the B-Team was:4-1 to us.The match was a really exciting game and everyone enjoyed it.Everyone  played really well.

The player of the match for the A-Team was Natasha.

The player…

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B-Team Netball report

On Tuesday the 1st of March the B-team netball players went to AKS to play thier first netball match this year. They played really well and the score was 3-0! Well done girls! B-Team player of the match Evie.

By Charlotte 

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A-Team Netball report

On the first day of March,the A-Team played Aks.We played really well, the score was 5-2 to Aks .The player of the match was Carmen.Well done everyone!

by Carmen.

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Netball Practice

On Tuesday,after school, some of the year 5 and year 6 girls meet up for Netball practice. The girls first warm up and then do some activities before they start a friendly match. They mix up the A team and the B team and have loads of fun. They can't wait for their next match!

By Charlotte

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